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Property Investment

Specialist Disability Accommodation

SDA is a high-yield, government supported investment property that is part of the NDIS funding commitment of $142 billion over the next four years.

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Investors, property developers and everyday Australians can have an investment property that is paid off in as little as 5 years, while supporting the disability community.


The return on an SDA dwelling can be up to $273,000 a year.


Estimated homes needed for disability across Australia.


Estimated returns on builds

Only around 3% vacant rooms at any one time.



We provide an all-in-one solution for you in every stage of the SDA investment process. From Data Analysis on the best locations to build types, and getting your SDA property designed, approved, and built - everything you need to start your SDA investment, we’ll take care of it.


All the Right Information

We provide you with data analysis for the most suitable locations with the highest demands, and recommendations on the different types of builds that are best suited.

Designed and Built

HCPA will help you with finding your land, getting the property designed and approved by the councils and town planning, and will even take care of the construction. 

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Getting it Funded

Let us take care of everything from finding you an SDA home loan, to getting your build funded by the government. We can also help you find your first tenants. 

Grow Your Portfolio

If this is your first time with SDA investment properties, we can show you how you can positively gear your build to continue expanding your portfolio of SDA builds.

Unlock your potential through SDA

Find out how you can make a difference in the lives of others and yourself.

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