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Health Care Providers Association

Medicinal Cannabis

Partner with HCPA to maximise the opportunities within cultivation, production, manufacturing, prescribing, dispensing, import and export.

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Medicinal Cannabis industry growth with HCPA


  • Manufacturing (GMP)

    HCPA assists clients in setting up medicinal cannabis manufacturing to meet GMP standards, obtain necessary licenses, and develop operating procedures.

  • Cultivation & Production

    HCPA provides tailored solutions for efficient cannabis cultivation and production, ensuring high-quality yields and sustainable growth.

  • Import & Export

    HCPA facilitates seamless international trade in medicinal cannabis, navigating regulations and optimising supply chain logistics.

  • Dispensary

    HCPA offers end-to-end support for setting up successful cannabis dispensaries, integrating prescribing services for optimal patient care.

  • Prescribe

    HCPA empowers healthcare professionals to confidently prescribe medicinal cannabis through education and regulatory support.

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Produce with Precision and Compliance

Partner with HCPA to become a leading GMP-compliant medicinal cannabis manufacturer. Our team provides comprehensive support to help you establish and grow your manufacturing operations, ensuring adherence to the highest quality and regulatory standards. With HCPA’s guidance, you can confidently position your business for success in this rapidly growing industry.

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Cultivation & Production

From Seed to Success

Partner with us to become a leading cultivator and producer of medicinal cannabis. We provide comprehensive support to help you enter and grow within the market, leveraging our cultivation and production expertise. Our services include market entry strategies and vertical integration opportunities, ensuring your business is well-positioned in the supply chain.

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Import and Export

Global Cannabis Trade Solutions

Our expertise in setting up import and export operations ensures your medicinal cannabis business can thrive in both national and global markets. We assist with licensing, navigating regulatory landscapes, and integrating vertically into other cannabis markets, positioning your business for success in a rapidly expanding global industry.

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Dispensary & Prescribe

Dispense and Prescribe with Confidence

Work with us to become a leader in medicinal cannabis dispensing and prescribing. We help set up dispensaries, grow within the market, and integrate vertically into other cannabis markets. Our expertise ensures your business can meet patient needs effectively, tapping into the growing demand for medicinal cannabis prescriptions and products.

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Licence Registration

“This is our expertise. We’ll take care of it, so you can focus on yours.”

Kyle Hunt


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Step 1

Step 1

Have a consultation

Have a consultation with a licensing & compliance consultant to learn the process and requirements.

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Step 2

Step 2

We will complete all compliance, application & educational requirements

Our licensing & compliance consultants will complete all compliance, applications and education needed.

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Step 3

Step 3

Begin prescribing

Now it's time for you and your business to begin operating.

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Business Consulting

HCPA Medicinal Cannabis business consultancy

We can overcome any problem

If you are facing business challenges, partner with HCPA and our specialist consultants will understand the problem and provide real solutions that get you to your desired outcome.


Leverage our technical consultants

Missing particular skill sets to get to the next stage of business? HCPA has every skill set you will need from Cannabis (GMP, GACP, SAS, etc) Consultants, recruitment consultants, compliance lawyers, operational consultants, and much more.


Increase your profitability

We understand what it takes to be first in the industry, we can use our practical knowledge and experience to boost your revenue, decrease your costs and improve profit margins across your cannabis operations while keeping you informed of ‘first-to-market’ opportunities that may arise.

Audit & Compliance

Audit and compliance requirements can be difficult to meet, especially when you are already busy managing the business. Our compliance consultants are able to overcome all compliance requirements while you focus on what you do best.

End-to-end compliance

We have a comprehensive compliance offering ranging from incident & risk management, quality management system development, root cause analysis, sampling and much more.

End-to-end auditing

Auditing can be frustrating and time-consuming. Our consultants ensure your compliance is top-notch, facilitate audits, and resolve any discrepancies.

Ongoing Support

As legislation and standards evolve, our team will keep you updated and conduct regular internal audits to enhance your operations.

Growth Advisory

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Healthcare businesses have partnered with HCPA to unlock their full potential and achieve unprecedented growth through our expert guidance and strategic solutions.

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Increase in year on year revenue and profits for our providers as an average.


Industry knowledge like no other

Knowledge is the only thing between you and being the industry leading prescribing business. Naturally, HCPA recruits key people from each core area of healthcare, meaning you can leverage us to build your teams knowledge.

This is our expertise.
We'll take care of it

Consult with us to
grow your business

Project Management

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HCPA provides a comprehensive turnkey solution for those interested in manufacturing, developing cultivation and production facilities. We manage the entire project from financing through to the first crop grown, or we can seamlessly pick up where you left off.

Our team of experienced project managers and consultants will ensure each project is delivered efficiently, on time, within budget and most importantly meet specifications.

Rows of potted plants, including medicinal cannabis, grow in a spacious greenhouse with clear roofing.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of any project pivots on three essentials: in-depth market research, a thorough feasibility study, and solid financial planning. This stage is crucial for understanding the market, assessing the project’s practicality, and ensuring its financial readiness, setting the groundwork for successful execution.


Phase 2

Phase 2 centers on design, audit, and compliance, focusing on creating detailed architectural plans, conducting rigorous audits for quality assurance, and ensuring adherence to relevant laws and standards. This phase is vital for the project’s delivery.

Rows of green plants in pots, including medicinal cannabis, are growing inside a large greenhouse with a transparent roof and sturdy support beams.
A hand holding a medicinal cannabis plant among a field of similar plants.

Phase 3

Stage 3, the final phase, involves the actual construction (build), the handover of the completed project (delivery), and the process of beginning the first crop cycle. This crucial stage transforms plans into reality and culminates in the project’s operational commencement.


Finding the Right Talent for Your Medical Cannabis Business

At HCPA, we specialise in sourcing and placing highly qualified candidates within the medical cannabis sector. Our recruitment services ensure you find the right talent to meet your needs. We understand the unique challenges of the industry and provide skilled professionals passionate about exceptional service. Our rigorous vetting process guarantees a seamless hiring experience, enhancing your team’s capabilities and supporting your mission of quality cannabis products.

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