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About Us

One of the largest health care consulting and support firms in Australia. Designed to make business and care easy.

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What We Do

For Business

We do two things at HCPA. We make it easy to do business with the government and we also support vulnerable people achieve their life goals.


National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) gives businesses a 22 billion dollar government funded opportunity to work with people with disabilities providing anything and everything.

Family Day Care

Provide child-based services either within home settings, in a facility or in after school style settings. With 37.1 billion in funding, this scheme provides many opportunities.


Specialist Disability Accommodation gives home owners an opportunity to pay off their property in under 5 years with a high 20% annual return on investment. Build properties that help communities.

Aged Care

Provide Aged Care to those over 65+ within Australia. Supporting the ageing community in living longer, higher quality lives. All government funded.


Provide vaccines to Australian businesses and education services. This covers all types of vaccines such as influenza, measles, hepatitis, whooping cough and much more.

Medicinal Cannabis

The all-in-one solution and support for every stage of your medicinal cannabis business formation - from planning, registration, finding site location, developing facility design, and getting all the required licenses and permits.

Over 50 HCPA Specialists Across Australia

We have over 50 of Australia's top and brightest specialists which both consult and provide support to Australians every day. Come see why we are highly recommended.


Trusted by over 8,500+

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