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Start a Government Funded Business in NDIS, Aged Care and SDA

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We are here, armed with two missions, two very important missions

Mission 1: Not everyone is given a chance to start a business, but when they are, it seems to never get momentum. The big corporations always win. Enough is enough, we are helping all individuals and business to get access to Government Funded businesses to finally make a change, to finally give businesses the chances that they need, the shot that they deserve. The government has put billions of dollars out for businesses to utilise, we make this possible for you to be a part of this through NDIS, Aged Care, Disability Accommodation and much more to come.

Mission 2: The vulnerable sector is still vulnerable. Day by day this is changing. It is up to us to ensure you are providing quality services, up to us to ensure your compliance is up to date and it is up to make sure you are the best possible provider. We have deep passions for the vulnerable sector and we want people to finally feel safe, finally have that one-on-one service they have always been searching for. Imagine being in their situation, you are lucky, very lucky, so let's make this possible together.

Meet The Team


Kyle A.


Kyle is focused on innovation, change and possibilities. He has spent his childhood years in foster care and has dedicated his life to helping those in need. With a background in nursing and biomedical science, along with supporting thousands of people both elderly and in the disability sector, Kyle is shaping the future of government schemes and paving a path for providers and participants.


Brooke W.

General Manager

Brooke is a very driven and caring individual who supports all aspects of HCPA. With over 9 years of business management experience, she has a wealth of knowledge. She is an approachable, caring, and respected Manager, who strives for the growth and success of the business. 


Michael B.

Consultant Manager

Michael is one of the oldest employees here at the HCPA. He started off as a consultant and is now managing and leading his own team. Michael is incredibly knowledgeable and brings high energy to both his staff and his clients.


James M.

Assistant Consulting Manager

James brings excitement and passion with everything he does and strives to succeed. With 10 years’ experience in Management and Consultancy, he makes every business experience unforgettable with assisting getting your government funded business up and running.


Bee J.

Head of NDIS

Bee is a very driven and dynamic individual. She is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction is always a top priority. Her genuine nature and true passion for the disability sector shines through in her everyday interactions.


Emily M.

NDIS Compliance Specialist

Emily is a friendly and open-minded spirit with a passion for helping others. She has years of experience in customer service and loves to help her clients in as many ways as she can. She is passionate about the NDIS Sector. She is always going above and beyond to ensure her clients have the best outcome possible.


Stephanie P.

Head of  Research and Development 

Stephanie is a bright, hard working individual who has a background in Bachelor of Business & Health Science. Stephanie has over 8 years experience in customer service and is always quick to help her clients & colleagues. Stephanie has a strong passion for the health field and has always wanted to provide people with support within the industry.


Hiba A.

Head of Aged Care

Hiba is a bubbly and caring individual with years of hands on experience in the aged care sector. As a result, Hiba brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to positively impact the  aged care sector and its beneficiaries.


Abbey D.


Abbey is always taking the lead into helping our customers and her co-workers, she always brings in a positive attitude and makes everybody's day. Abbey has years of experience in administration and has a love for people!

Frank is a cheerful leader, bringing the expertise direct to his clients. With over 10 years of managing experience, Frank is the ideal consultant to help build and grow an impressive government business.


Ben P.


Ben is an expert consulting specialist within the NDIS Sector. He is a passionate individual that has a genuine care to help people.

Steven M.


As a former Registered Nurse and Disability Support Worker, Steve brings experience and expertise to his clients to help their new businesses succeed within the NDIS.


Jordan D.



Jordan is passionate about helping up and coming businesses grow. He gives them his dedicated energy and attention to help them flourish while providing an easy 'smooth sailing' experience'. Jordan comes from a background in the private health sector and uses this knowledge to empower his clients. 


Andrea H.


Andrea is the star of the office, brings happiness into everyone's day. Andrea has deep experience in childhood education and coordination as well as Administration. Within her time here at HCPA, Andrea has assisted many of our clients to gain their registration.


Frank M.



Philipe S.


Phil is a very intelligent and knowledgeable individual who has several years of experience in consulting. His attention to detail assures his customers that they will be receiving the best possible service, resulting in successful registrations.


Abysha T.

Client Manager

Abysha has a big heart for serving and helping those in need, with 6 years of experience in customer service, providing those in need with the best possible outcome. Always putting her clients needs first and bringing a positive and happy attitude to the office without fail.


Hannah M.


Hannah is a bright, caring and bubbly individual. Her passion lies within customer support and the health sector. She continuously strives to ensure her clients are provided with the best services and support. Her positive and caring attitude make a fantastic attribute to the team.


Charlie O.


Charlie is a very engaging and energised individual who really gets a kick out of connecting with people on a personal level, and strives to make their dreams a reality. With 6 years of consulting experience, he continues to add strings to his bow in setting up new innovative NDIS business's


Jacquelyn L.

Compliance Specialist

Jacquelyn is a kind sole who has several years of experience within the industry. Her knowledge within the NDIS Sector allows her clients to be provided with quality care, and strives to assist those gaining their registration. 


Claudia B.

Client Manager

Claudia is a confident and caring individual, with extensive experience in customer service, she continues to strive to provide her clients with the best possible service.  


Diandra H.

Client Manager

Diandra is a caring and passionate individual, who is driven and determined to help everyone. With 8 years experience within customer service and management, she strives for the best for each and every client.


Orien P.

Architectural Specialist

Orien is a hard-working, charismatic individual. Orien has a detailed history of Architectural Design, supporting the accommodation industry to be the best and highest standard.

Reuben F.


Reuben is a peoples person expert who everyone loves. Reuben has been involved in many investment property deals. He is the master of Specialised Disability Accommodation and has brought much success to those venturing down that path.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Statement


HCPA protects all personal information which it collects, holds and uses in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, and Principles under the Act.


Personal Information Collected


HCPA collects personal information where necessary to process applications and provide our clients with relevant services and to plan for service delivery. Personal information concerning our clients is used to assess the service appropriate to the client's needs. We may also collect information about other persons, such as employees, volunteers and carers.


The Disclosure and Use of the Information Provided


HCPA may at times disclose personal and health information where necessary to provide services and to plan for service delivery and may also disclose information of the Commonwealth Government or its agencies, in accordance with the provisions of the Disability Act of 2006 or other relevant laws.


How Do We Protect Your Information?


HCPA have security measures in place and all staff who handle personal details have a duty to protect it from any unauthorised access, disclosure or use. When information stored by us is no longer required to be held it is destroyed appropriately and securely.




On request, subject to the exceptions set out in the National Privacy and Principles an individual will be provided with access to personal information held about them and given reasonable opportunity to correct any inaccuracies or out-of-date information. All requests must be made in writing with a signature.