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New Aged Care Quarterly Report

October 23, 2023

Key Point: Q4 Report Overview:

  • The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission released a report for Quarter 4 (Q4) of 2023, highlighting the performance of aged care providers during this period.
  • The report reflects the Commission’s dedication to ensuring older Australians’ health, safety, and well-being through robust monitoring and risk management.

Home Care Sector Performance:

  • The report emphasised a significant increase (70%) in quality audits within the home care sector during the last two quarters of the year, indicating the Commission’s focus on maintaining high-quality aged care.
  • A decrease in Non-Compliance Notices, attributed to providers’ timely submission of Quarterly Financial Reports, showcasing improved compliance and regulatory oversight.

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (the Commission) has recently released its report for Quarter 4 (Q4) of 2023, presenting a comprehensive view of how aged care providers performed during this period, encompassing the months from April to June. The report is a valuable resource that provides insights based on data collected by the Commission, reflecting their commitment to ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of older Australians through rigorous monitoring and risk management. HCPA provides in-depth guidance on regulatory compliance, helping providers understand and adhere to the complex regulatory landscape to ensure high-quality care and compliance with industry standards.

Understanding the Home Care Sector Performance:

A quarterly report map of Australia detailing the number of residential and home aged care services in each state and territory from April to June 2023. Totals: 2,636 residential, 2,263 home, 4,899 combined.

The report highlights a significant increase in quality audits conducted in the home care sector, showcasing the Commission’s concentrated efforts in collaborating with home services. Notably, there was a 70% rise in quality audits in the last two quarters of the year compared to the first two, underlining their commitment to ensuring high-quality aged care. HCPA assists in developing and implementing policies and procedures tailored to your organisation, ensuring that you meet the required standards and provide optimal care.

Moreover, the report emphasises a decrease in Non-Compliance Notices issued, attributed to providers’ timely submission of Quarterly Financial Reports (QFRs). It’s encouraging to note that providers are becoming more compliant and responsive to reporting requirements, leading to better monitoring and regulatory oversight.

The inclusion of the Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS) for home services and the subsequent reporting of incidents mark a significant step towards ensuring the safety of older Australians receiving care at home. Although the number of notifications this quarter is lower than residential care, the Commission anticipates an increase as providers become more familiar with their reporting obligations and responsibilities.

Common Challenges and Focus Areas:

The report also sheds light on the most common complaints and notifications in the home service sector. It emphasises the importance of effective communication, consultation, fees, charges, and other financial aspects. Additionally, issues related to mobility aids and home modifications have gained prominence in Q4, highlighting the evolving needs and concerns within the ageing population.

The Commission’s identifying areas that require attention, such as effective governance systems, ongoing assessment and planning with consumers, and personal care and clinical care, is a proactive approach to address essential quality standards and ensure compliance within the sector.

Improving Provider Approval Process:

Efficiently processing applications from home care services seeking approval is crucial for the sector’s growth and quality assurance. The report provides insights into the application approval process, demonstrating an increase in the number of applications received in Q4. The Commission’s commitment to enhancing the approval process is evident, as they diligently assess applications to ensure approved providers align with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Act 2018.

For further guidance and assistance in navigating the aged care sector and regulatory requirements, providers can benefit from the support and expertise offered by HCPA. We are committed to assisting providers, ensuring compliance, and fostering excellence in the aged care sector.


The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s Q4 report offers a comprehensive understanding of the aged care landscape in Australia. It provides valuable insights into the home care sector’s performance, challenges, and the steps taken to enhance the approval process for care providers. By focusing on quality audits, compliance, and proactive monitoring, the Commission contributes to a safer and higher standard of aged care for older Australians.

HCPA is an all-in-one solution for Aged Care providers, supporting them with registration, growth and consulting. Contact us here or call 03 9084 7472 to learn how we can help you succeed.

SOURCES | Australian Government ‘Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Sector Performance Report’|

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