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Upcoming Changes to the National Quality Framework

August 15, 2023

Prioritising the safety, well-being, and education of children is of paramount importance in the realm of early childhood education and care services. Recent decisions by Education Ministers to implement changes to the National Quality Framework (NQF) based on the 2019 NQF Review findings reflect this commitment. These phased changes, set to commence on 1st October 2023, aim to bolster child safety, fortify regulatory oversight, and offer increased transparency to families accessing education and care services. This blog post delves into the imminent changes and their promising impact on the early childhood education and care sector.

Strengthening Safety and Well-being:

Within HCPA’s extensive support for various childcare businesses catering to Australian families, the protection and well-being of children remain paramount. The upcoming changes in the NQF reflect this priority. Enhanced sleep and rest policies and procedures will ensure children receive adequate rest, while comprehensive risk assessments will be conducted to minimise potential hazards. Further, providers in multi-storey buildings and other occupants will adhere to refined approval processes and emergency evacuation protocols, fostering a safer environment for children. HCPA’s expertise in regulatory compliance and safety protocols can assist providers in smoothly implementing these changes.

Championing Child Safe Organisations:

The NQF will solidify the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations, reinforcing child safety principles comprehensively. This involves new obligations for volunteers and students, mandatory child protection training for family day care coordinators, and elevated requirements for child safety policies, procedures, and complaint management. These initiatives collectively fortify a child-safe atmosphere across all education and care services. HCPA’s consulting services aid in developing and implementing effective child safety policies and training programs.

Advancements in the Family Day Care (FDC) Sector:

The Family Day Care sector will undergo regulatory enhancements to ensure robust oversight and safety. Detailed Guidance on safety requisites, fencing compliance, and monthly inspections at FDC residences and venues with water features will be disseminated. Additionally, national mandates for safety glass in FDC residences and platforms will be introduced. Educators within the FDC sector must promptly inform approved providers about any circumstances that might impact children’s safety. Navigating the complex process of registering as a childcare or family daycare provider is made smoother with the Guidance and support of HCPA.

Transparency Enriching Family Experience:

Enhancing transparency and timely information for families is a central objective of the impending changes. Families will receive more precise communication about service transfers between providers, facilitating access to quality education and care services. Notably, the quality assessment and rating certificate will be prominently displayed at each FDC residence or venue, empowering families with the confidence they seek in their chosen services. HCPA guides providers in effectively communicating these changes to families and enhancing the family experience.

Updated Guide to the NQF:

On 1st October 2023, an updated version of the Guide to the National Quality Framework will be distributed to education and care providers, educators, and authorised officers. This valuable resource will foster a deep understanding and practical application of NQF requirements. Further updates to the Guide by ACECQA throughout 2023 will encapsulate all the agreed-upon changes from the 2019 NQF Review.

The impending changes to the National Quality Framework represent a significant stride towards elevating child safety and quality education within early childhood education and care services. At HCPA, we recognise the pivotal nature of delivering top-tier care. With a focal point on refining safety policies, regulatory oversight, and transparency for families, the NQF is poised to provide children with a nurturing and secure learning environment. Education Ministers, working collaboratively with the sector, families, and communities, remain steadfast in their commitment to refining the NQF to fulfil its objectives and empower services to deliver exemplary education and care for our children. As these changes materialise, the early childhood education and care sector embarks toward a brighter, more secure future for our youngest learners.

Join the burgeoning early childhood community and positively impact the younger generation and their families. Get in touch with us here to discover how we can provide support on this exciting journey.

Join the burgeoning early childhood community and positively impact the younger generation and their families. Contact us now here or call 03 9084 7472 to learn how we can help you succeed.

SOURCES | Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority ‘The early years of learning framework for Australia’ |

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