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Specialist Disability Accommodation

Partner with HCPA and access high yield SDA properties with efficient management services.

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Specialist Disability Accommodation industries in Australia


  • NDIS industry growth

    Billion-dollar increase presents opportunities for providers to become leaders through HCPA partnership, offering industry access and consulting services.

  • Importance of disability providers

    1 in 6 people live with disabilities; providers support those under 65 with services enabling normal life.

  • Participant funding

    Low to medium care participants receive $53,000, high need participants receive $340,000 annually for provider services.

HCPA, a top NDIS consulting firm, empowers disability providers to thrive, offering guidance to navigate challenges and deliver services to Australians with disabilities.

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Property Investing

“We have the largest SDA housing options available for investors to purchase or build”

Kyle Hunt


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Step 1

Step 1

Connect with us

Have a consultation with an SDA consultant regarding your investment requirements.

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Step 2

Step 2

Select Available Homes or Have us Curate a Package

We will review your requirements and curate an investment package of homes available or build options.

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Step 3

Step 3

Proceed with Investment

We will work with you to fulfill the SDA investment process in order to get a high return.

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SDA Property Management

HCPA Specialist Disability Accommodation business consultancy

Payment Claiming and Reportable Submissions

We can process all government payments and complete all recurring reporting obligations for your SDA investment properties ensuring you receive your return on investment monthly and always on time.


Tenant Placement & Management

Whether you have vacancies or need support managing your current tenants, our team can fulfill all requests from tenancy placement and management to receive a consistent ROI.


SDA Registered Provider

HCPA is an SDA registered provider, we will ensure your property remains compliant with the requirements of the NDIS Commission. A reliable SDA provider that keeps your investment safe.

Project Management

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HCPA provides a complete turn-key solution for those looking to develop SDA dwellings, we will manage the entire project from finance through to tenants moving in. Engage us to set you up for success.

Our team of experienced SDA project managers and consultants will ensure each project is delivered efficiently, on time, within budget and most importantly meet specifications consistently for all types of small, medium and large scale projects.

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Phase 1

Phase 1 of any project pivots on three essentials: in-depth market research, a thorough feasibility study, and project planning. This stage is crucial for understanding the market, assessing the project’s practicality, and ensuring its financial readiness, setting the groundwork for successful execution.


Phase 2

Phase 2 centers on design, audit, and compliance, focusing on creating detailed architectural plans, conducting rigorous audits for quality assurance, and ensuring adherence to relevant laws and standards. This phase is vital for the project’s delivery.

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Phase 3

Stage 3, the final phase, involves the construction (build), the handover of the completed project (delivery), and the process of securing tenants. This crucial stage transforms plans into reality with the aims of achieving desirable return on investments.

Growth Advisory

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Healthcare businesses have partnered with HCPA to unlock their full potential and achieve unprecedented growth through our expert guidance and strategic solutions.

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Increase in year on year revenue and profits for our providers as an average.


Finding the Right Talent for Your SDA Business

At HCPA, we specialise in sourcing and placing highly qualified candidates within the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) sector. Our recruitment services ensure you find the right talent to meet your needs. We understand the unique challenges of the SDA industry and provide skilled professionals passionate about exceptional service. Our rigorous vetting process guarantees a seamless hiring experience, enhancing your team’s capabilities and supporting your mission of providing quality accommodation for those with disabilities.

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