My Aged Care Scheme

A real opportunity provided by the government to all businesses and individuals


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My Aged Care Brief


Increase in year on year revenue and profits for our providers due to our assistance.


Businesses and Individuals HCPA has worked with and are currently thriving from our success rates.

6 Weeks

We will get you working with clients in as little as 6 weeks while pending full approval.

1.3 million people access the My Aged Care Scheme for support with less than 1,000 providers assisting

1.3 million in need

Amounts I Can Be Paid?


As a business, you can be funded from $9,026.45 - $52,377.50 annually for Home Care Packages or up to $550,000 for Residential Care.

Do I Need Qualifications?

Each service is different. Although you must have management experience (E.g in a job role, running a business, sports club, non-for-profit, etc). If you do not have management experience, we can register you for other services to get you experience.

To the right, we have added the governments funding price guide. This shows you how much you will be funded either per year or in total for each client you work with. (If the price is above $52,377.50 per year, it becomes in total)

How Do I Find The Prices?

Home Care Package: Level 1
$9,026.45 per year/per client
Home Care Package: Level 2
$15,877.50 per year/per client
Home Care Package: Level 3
$34,550.90 per year/per client
Home Care Package: Level 4
$52,377.50 per year/per client
Residential Care
$550,000 payment / per client
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Learn about My Aged Care Funding

Below we make it easy to understand funding and how it can easily be suitable for you

Why HCPA is trusted by over 8,500 brands

We are known for guaranteed passes, but most importantly, we have supported new and existing businesses in building multi-million dollar organisations that make a real change in the community.

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How we help you conquer Home Care, Residential Care or Flexible Care 

Aged Care Registration, Renewals and Strategy aren't easy. But watch how HCPA makes it easy for you.


Impressive Policies and Procedures

At HCPA, our entire Aged Care compliance team specialise in developing the most quality compliance documentation including employees who have previously worked at the Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission (Gov).

Home Care or Residential Application

HCPA will complete your application to register or renew your registration. We work with government agencies to ensure the best outcome can be achieved throughout the strenuous process.

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Client Finding

We provide opportunities to all of our providers, we will support you in finding participants as you scale. Whether it is your first client or your 250th client, we make growth possible. We have supported our providers to claim over 2 billion dollars.

Training, Events & Support

Do you struggle with certain aspects of Aged Care? Claiming funds? Running a business? Hiring? Marketing? Or more? We provide intensive training both online, over-the-phone and face-to-face with all of our providers. Including large events.

Unlock your potential through the Aged Care

It's time you work on yourself and your business. After all, we are here to make business easy with government funds.