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Providing Vaccine Services


There are almost 25 million people in Australia that are needing vaccinations yearly. The Vaccines Scheme allows individuals to have a business that provides and administers vaccinations across the nation.

When you become a Vaccine Provider, you can receive free vaccinations to administer to those eligible under the National Immunisation Program (NIP). Time/administration fee will apply and can be claimed under the Medicare rebate as well.

All-Year Demand

There will always be a demand year-round due to compulsory vaccinations in most state childcare centres and schools.

25 Million

There are 25 million people needing vaccinations yearly, nationwide.

High Returns

Receive free vaccinations to administer to those eligible, and earn up to $42 per vaccination, plus additional claims through the Medicare Benefits Scheme.

Employers are willing to cover the cost of vaccines for their workers and there are over 2.4 million actively trading businesses with an expected growth of 3.8% yearly.

Growing Demand


It can be difficult and complicated to register as a vaccine provider. That’s why our specialists at HCPA are here to support you through the entire process.


Policies and Procedures

At HCPA, our entire compliance team specialise in developing the most quality compliance documentation to ensure you pass your registration applications.

Application Guarantee

HCPA will help you complete your application to register or renew your registration with a complete 100% guarantee. We aim to impress auditors and the government with our work.

Illustration - Insurance-01.png

Training & Support

Do you struggle with certain aspects of running your Vaccine business? We have an extensive number of industry professionals to support and mentor you through training online, over the phone or face-to-face. 

Equipment & Personnel

At HCPA, our team of specialists are here to guide in the entire process of setting up your own Vaccine Business. We assist in finding the best relevant equipment and finding key personnel for your business operations.

Unlock your potential through the Vaccine Scheme.

Find out how you can make a difference in the lives of others and yourself.

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