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Specialised Disability Accommodation


The SDA initiative is part of a massive 22 billion dollar government funded industry. This gives investors, property developers and individuals who wish to have an investment property an opportunity to get maximum returns from the property.


The thought of paying an investment property off in 5 years is now possible with SDA. All while helping support the disability community and making a real difference. 

Becoming an SDA Provider

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Level 16, 60 Albert Road, South Melbourne 3205

SDA Registration Road Map

With the SDA taking over Australia's property industry, this gives every individual and business an opportunity to make a difference and have a great return on investment

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SDA Price Guide

Lets take a dive into some of the funding amounts you can receive from becoming an SDA provider

Home Type
Annual Returns


Self containing units. Above and below each other

Up to $113,338


Semi-attached units. Side-by-side

Up to $159,738


Larger dwelling. Separated by a fence or hedge

Up to $189,894

Group Home

Larger house. Usually for 5 tenants

Up to $272,995

Major Complex

Built for 6+ tenants

Up to $1,262,450

Let us help you understand how this works
Let us help you understand how this works

Using the above price guide, SDA is undeniably the biggest market when entering the property space. SDA is part of a 22 Billion Dollar scheme and aimed for property investors to support those with a disability. Currently, there is 1 in 5 living with a disability and the number is forever increasing. To give a little perspective, there is currently estimated 1 million people in Melbourne and 1 million people in Sydney alone with a disability. Whether it is a big city, or small rural town, people with disabilities need support and the government is willing to support your home investment to assist them as best as possible.

The Health Care Providers Association runs a program which allows new and current investors to enter the SDA space with a guarantee. Getting an SDA licence can be difficult without this program. This program will assist you with the entire registration process, compliance documents to meet the current standards, design the home, build it and fill it. Or, to complete any renewals. HCPA will even assist you in accessing your first tenants to ensure that you're moving forward on your property venture. 

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